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a new paradigm of parenting

None of us start off as parents knowing what to do. We create plans, read all the parenting books out there, try to be the parent we want to be and hopelessly watch as our parental ideals get run over by the realities of daily life and the immense pressures of caring for our kids.


When we parent our children without first working through our own history, we are destined to repeat painful patterns we ourselves have experienced as children, no matter how badly we want otherwise.


Here at The Heartful Mama, our mission is to support parents to look deep within themselves through the lens of conscious parenting, and parent from a place of authenticity and peace, raising the next generation to become resilient, self-assured and empathetic leaders.

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Hi, I'm Lina, the founder behind The Heartful Mama. I am a certified master parent coach and educator and more importantly, I'm a mom to two beautiful lives - a spirited boy who's obsessed with anteaters, and a smiley girl who is exploring her new world in wonder.


My journey as a parent coach started because I wanted a different kind of relationship with my child that is not based on fear, control and bribes. Once I knew how possible it was to build a

parent-child relationship based on empathy, mutual trust and connection, I became deeply passionate about supporting parents in this life-changing work and redefining what parenthood is.

Parenthood is my greatest path towards personal transformation and through the science and art of empowered parenting, it has caused a tremendous ripple effect in my family. I truly believe that all children deserve to be guided and loved by the best version we have to offer them, as parents. And the work starts with us.


Discover your path to empowered parenting that is rooted in empathy, connection, brain science & values. Book a FREE 30-min discovery call & let's explore the joy of building heartful connections within your family.


heart-centered approach to parenting

When we work together, my main goal as your coach is to provide a supportive, safe and non-judgmental space for you. To this end, we will work through the ONE-TWO-THREE process together.


KNOW Your Past

  • Uncover your childhood past

  • Letting go of the way you were being parented

  • Know your unconscious limiting beliefs


Establish A New Parenting Framework

  • Create new empowering beliefs 

  • Learn about brain science, our nervous system & how it affects us (& our kids!)

  • Equip yourself with effective tools for your parenting life & setting limits that peacefully stick (without use of punishment and rewards)


Design Your Personalized Vision

  • Identify your own family values

  • Design a new personalized blueprint for your family 

  • Ongoing support 

When we are able to parent in true alignment with our values, purpose and intuition, we grow our parenting confidence and move from an ego or fear driven space to a place where heartful parenting flows more easily. Heartful parenting is not unpredictable, unreliable or reactive. A heart centered approach to parenting is where we can draw from our inner reservoir of grace, strength and understanding that allows us to access our own authenticity and be in the kind of mindset that will serve our parenting. 


It is the most fulfilling way to parent. Give yourself the time and witness your own transformation and its ripple effects through your family. I would be honored to walk this journey with you.

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