-is it for me?

coaching might benefit you if you resonate with any of the following...
  • you're frustrated with your day-to-day parenting struggles 

  • you're overwhelmed with all the parenting blogs, books and stuff out there

  • you want a deep connected relationship with your child but have a hard time getting past the daily triggers that set you off

  • you're tired of using punitive punishment on your children & just want a different alternative

  • you're willing to be curious to explore a different way of parenting

  • you desire a long-term parenting solution, not just temporary 'band-aids' for your parenting struggles

  • you want to break the cycle of generational trauma of shame, blame and control in your own family history

  • you prefer real-time parenting support rather than self-paced online programs that just sit in your email inbox, unopened 

  • you want to be the best version of yourself so you don't get in the way of your child's development

  • you want to thrive, not just survive at parenting

If this is you, let's chat!

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