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heart-centered approach to parenting

When we work together, my main focus is to provide a supportive, safe and non-judgmental space for you to be heard, and giving you tools you can use immediately in your empowered parenting journey.


When we are able to parent in true alignment with our values, purpose and intuition, we grow our parenting confidence and move from an ego-driven space to a place where heartful parenting flows more easily. Heartful parenting is not unpredictable, unreliable or reactive. A heart centered approach to parenting is where we can draw from our inner reservoir of grace, strength and understanding that allows us to access our own authenticity and be in the kind of mindset that will serve our parenting. 


It is the most fulfilling way to parent

Any deep transformational work takes time. I believe in parenting with the end goal in mind, not just temporary 'band-aid' solutions. I am offering 1:1 private & group coaching sessions (held virtually) as I believe coaching is one of the most practical ways to effect personal change.

Here's the weekly breakdown of the program. This is a guide to each week's session, and depending on the client needs, we may not always cover all the topics here.

Week 1:    Welcome & Orientation

Week 2:    Setting Your Intentions as an Empowered Parent

Week 3:    The Ten Pillars of Empowered Parenting

Week 4:    Making Sense of Attachment Science

Week 5:    Making Sense of Nervous System Science

Week 6:    Making Sense of Mindsight & Brain Science

Week 7:    Making Sense of Emotional Intelligence

Week 8:    Empowered Conversations

Week 9:    Establishing Boundaries from Family Values

Week 10:  Exploring Anger & Healthy Aggression

Week 11:  Playful Parenting & Storytelling

Week 12:  Your Personal Transformation  

Week 13:  Overcoming Cultural Barriers as an Empowered Parent 
(Bonus Session)

What's Included:

  • A weekly 60-minute 1:1 or group coaching session with me, over 12 weeks + 1 optional bonus session (virtual)

  • Weekly supplementary parenting workbooks and exercises (downloadable), and relevant resources

  • Ongoing personal support from me during & after the program (I'm all about supporting parents & community!)

  • Group coaching option is subject to availability

    1:1 Program cost:    USD 1248

[USD104 per session]

A note from Lina (Sep 15, 2022): 

As I continue to deepen my work as a trauma-informed parenting coach and educator, I am recognizing a need to increase my rates to better serve the clients I work with. I desire to make coaching and parent education accessible for parents and caregivers and will be offering a few more services this fall. I do not accept insurance at this point and I offer a flexible payment plan for new clients. Partial scholarships are also offered to those in financial need, just message me.

If this interests you, let's chat! 

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